Workforce Brokers

From Onboarding to Invoicing: a suite of human resources applications for a national staffing firm

Gilberto Parada
Gilberto Parada
Workforce Brokers (WB) is a top tier labor provider. They specialize in procuring or securing labor for the warehousing, manufacturing, janitorial services, hospitality, and logistics segments.
As business volume & service reach expanded, Workforce Brokers saw a need for a more robust technology solution to manage the complete labor lifecycle at scale. A scalable, intuitive solution that integrated everything from onboarding and payroll was needed.
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We designed a complete Human Resource system that allows for faster, more compliant labor management and reporting.

Workforce Brokers, a successful single-owner organization, is trusted by warehouses, hospitals, stadiums, and other large commercial clients across the nation to find the best talent for their staffing needs. WB recruits a wide variety of workers, focusing on the worker’s unique fit for the specific organization. They had grown to manage a catalog of over five thousand workers across dozens of clients.

From onboarding to time tracking to invoicing and cutting checks, Workforce manages every aspect of the labor lifecycle. Their tools and systems just could not keep up with the size of their business, and there were plenty of opportunities to automate and digitize parts of the daily work. 

Reimagining the onboarding process

We accelerated and standardized the onboarding process by creating a dedicated new applicant portal where candidates can create a profile and upload the necessary legal documents online, from anywhere and without having to enter a recruiting office. eSignatures and an intuitive interface in multiple languages stimulated remote recruitment in an increasingly digitized market, and those candidates who wished to apply on-site could still do so.

Document storage and access

HR systems and processes rely heavily on access to documents and employee records. For a staffing firm managing thousands of employees across dozens of clients in multiple states, documentation and uptime during peak seasons is essential to doing business and staying compliant. To ensure uptime and quick access to data, documents, and reports, we engineered a database of applications to leverage the power of cloud resources on Amazon Web Services.


Traditional in-person aspects of the HR process can now take place online. Implementation of eSignatures and intuitive, secure document uploads allows for standardized record keeping and quick reviews, making auditing faster and more accurate. Most importantly, it allows thousands of applications to meet necessary document requirements to become eligible for work. Candidates can also check the status of their application using secure employee accounts they can easily log in to online.

Dedicated workflows

When reviewing the company’s processes, we took notice of which parts of the daily work were getting done either on paper, via email, or through other manual avenues. When designing a new solution we laid out a user experience that accounted for each user type: recruiters, admins, reviewers, and accountants. We designed menus, tabs, and views that took the varying needs of each role into account.

  • We made sure that views for finance people had tools like sorting, date pickers, tabular data, and timesheets to help them make informed decisions about running payroll.
  • For recruiters, we made sure that documents from applicants were easy to access, review, and mark as accepted, allowing them to manage resources efficiently and turn candidates into new hires.
  • Administrators who manage worker assignments have access to a function within the application that lets them assign a worker from one project to another with the click of a button.

Data consolidation

Workforce Brokers’ existing database consisted of thousands of records, including rich data and sensitive HIPAA information. Creating a new HR system meant that business rules needed to be clear and adapt to the types of records that existed in the old database. Through business analysis, technical workshops, and rounds of planned data consolidation, Mozym successfully merged records between the old and new applications.

On-site time tracking

A deep understanding of the business and its pain points led us to collaborate with WB leadership to expand the scope of the HR suite and include a dedicated mobile app for tracking worker time punches. This time tracking tool, used on-site at staffing events, provides the system with live, accurate, daily timesheets that can be converted into reports detailing overtime, in and out times, and daily costs per role. Admins can generate or auto-send custom reports as XLS, PDF, and CSV files. This technology and its reporting capabilities sets Workforce Brokers apart from its competition: unlike other similar business models, Workforce Brokers actually owns their own time tracking application that integrates directly with their proprietary HR management system.