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Powerful Workforce Management Software for National Staffing Firm

Developing a scalable and accessible online staffing platform to promote easier labor management.
Gilberto Parada
Gilberto Parada

VP, Product Development


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12 Months

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This Mozym case study highlights a workforce management system for top-tier and trusted labor provider, Workforce Brokers (WB). The developed solution increased efficiency and productivity for the company’s essential daily operations with immediate impact to operation costs and profits.
The Customer

Workforce Brokers is a thriving national labor provider with over 25 years of successful workforce management services. 

WB fulfills permanent, temporary, and event staffing requests across the Eastern United States for several positions in hospitals, warehouses, venues, sports centers, and other commercial facilities.

Workforce Brokers manages a labor pool of over five thousand workers and deploys them to multiple clientele, requiring complex staffing operations to on board new workers, track assignments, employment documents, timesheets, bill rates and payroll.
Challenges presented by the customer and confirmed during business analysis phase:
  • Inefficient back office processes.
  • Slow onboarding procedures.
  • Manual document management.
  • Lack of scalability of functions limited the company’s long-term growth and expansion.
  • Outdated and slow technology.
  • Manual processes introduced possibility of human error. 

Digital transformation for every core function of their business to increase efficiency and facilitate business expansion.


Restructured onboarding process

Mozym developed an online portal for applicants to handle the traditional in-person aspects of the HR process, eliminating the need for office-based recruitment walk-ins. 

Staffers can now sort through hundreds of applications based on work eligibility, location, and other filters. 

  • Candidates can check the status of their application using secure account logins.
  • Attach forms, legal, and other essential documents. 
  • Summary of relevant skills and experiences on candidate profile.
  • eSignatures to avoid unproductive office visits.
  • Everything is stored in the Cloud, eliminating the need to scan, transcribe, and organize files in local drives manually. 

Workflows to match business functions

The team designed the menus, tabs, and views to accommodate the expertise of various user types:
  • Recruiters: Outreach, project management and document accessibility for quick review and acceptance.

  • Administrators: Assign and manage worker assignments, projects and timesheets.

  • Accountants: Invoices, payroll and cutting checks for workers.

Integrated Invoice & payroll

Most of WB’s current payroll methods involved paper, email, and other manual procedures, so the team devised more efficient payroll system that connects projects, workers and timesheets. 

Invoices can now be filtered by

  • Invoice names/numbers/types
  • Customers
  • Projects
  • Start/end dates
These features allow timely payments for workers and guarantee accurate paychecks, preventing under or over-billing issues. Time-saving filters permit quick access and recovery of previous and current invoices, billings and payroll statements.

Improved Document Management

Candidates can now upload, delete and sort through their documents, while administrators can check for compliance in real time. 
  • Security and encryption ensure that only authorized personnel have access to candidate documents.
  • All documents for every applicant in one place, alleviating the need for file storage systems or local/shared drives.

Outreach via SMS 

Communication is one of the many crucial challenges when dealing with thousands of workers, so Mozym included a feature that automated text message outreach campaigns for existing resources. Candidates can read and respond to messages far quicker than email. 
  • Quickly reach out to the existing worker pool about available urgent jobs and positions.
  • Directly reply to the messages, skipping phone calls and questions to office staff.
  • More cost- and time-efficient than social media ads and other forms of paid marketing
  • The system has search filters or criteria to quickly send an outreach SMS to possible qualified workers in similar campaigns within the same area or event.

TimeTracking App

One of the biggest challenges for staffing firms is processing and dealing with thousands of employees’ timecards. 

Mozym created a dedicated mobile app to prevent human error and provide WB with a proprietary solution that can be deployed seamlessly at any customer site. 
  • The app provides the back-office system with live and accurate daily timesheets.
  • Customers can receive automated weekly reports directly from the app.
  • Converts timesheets into reports detailing in and out times, over time, and daily costs per role.
  • Worker-specific clock-in and clock-out view can be deployed at any customer site.
  • Unlimited workers, unlimited projects, unlimited devices. 
This technology and its reporting capabilities set Workforce Brokers apart from its competition.

Improved Cloud Infrastructure

Temp staffing systems and processes rely heavily on documents and employee records access. 
To ensure quick access to data, documents, and reports, the suite of apps leverages the power of Cloud resources on Amazon Web Services. 

Mozym successfully merged old and new application records through technical workshops, business analysis, and rounds of planned data consolidation.


Overall, the this workforce management solution streamlined multiple processes into a single system accessed and utilized by all back-office staff to perform all core business functions more effectively. It makes assessments and decisions more convenient and accessible for all parties involved.

  • Elevated the company’s brand presence by providing better recruitment and customer experience and building trust with existing and future candidates.
  • Implementation of eSignatures and intuitive, secure document uploads enables standardized record keeping and quick reviews, making audits faster and more accurate. 
  • Created a solid foundation to scale the firm’s business processes with remote onboarding and intuitive workflows to manage the employees’ entire employment lifecycle without an expansion of back-end staff members.
  • WB can repurpose funds allocated for more back-end workers to develop the company’s money-making operations.
  • The time tracking app alleviated the need for on-site management and improved timesheet accuracy for client invoicing and payroll purposes.
  • Leveraging Cloud technology availability and reliability, WB can simultaneously run multiple reports on different business facets improving profitability and customer relationships.
  • Administrators can send SMS campaigns to tap into specific candidates on demand.
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