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Reimagined Point of Sale Experience for Leading Animal Genetics Service

Leveraging e-commerce for a re-imagined customer experience, optimizes back-office processes and expansion of business volume.
Gilberto Parada
Gilberto Parada

VP, Product Development


Health, Genetics, B2C


14 Months

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Data Transformation
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This Mozym case study highlights a digital transformation effort and point of sale system for an international genetics service provider. The developed solution increased efficiency and productivity for the company’s essential daily operations with immediate impact to customer experience and operation costs.
The Customer

Animal Genetics is an international biotechnology company that provides zoos, veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners with clear, accurate, and affordable genetic testing. 

The Animal Genetics customers currently order forms and kits downloaded in PDF or Word format through the AG website. Each customer will have to fill up multiple information repetitively or submit numerous documents, which would be a hassle to track. The customers would send emails or make calls to follow up on the tests or kits they ordered.
Animal Genetics’ existing technology was outdated and slow, hampering experience and service quality for both back-office staff and customers. AG needed to improve on the scalability of its infrastructure automation to reduce the time spent between processes.
Here are some of the key challenges:

  • Outdated infrastructure housing millions of records backed by an extensive desktop database.
  • Inefficient manual processes for paperwork and essential business functions like accepting and processing payments.
  • Dated customer service and experience due to architecture limitations.
  • Project objectives are as follows:
    • Elevating Animal Genetics brand presence through ecommerce order fulfillment integration.
    • Enhancing internal processes by systemic modification.
    • Reducing the admin workload through process automation.
    • Improving sales by focusing on customer experience.

New customer experience with eCommerce

Mozym created an ecommerce platform prioritizing customer experience. The team analyzed other companies with similar offers and services to ensure a competitive edge in creating a future-proof solution. We enhanced manual processing and bypassed customer needs for communications via email or phone.
  • Choosing relevant tests based on species (ex. dog, cat, horse, or bird) and breed reduces selection errors.
  • Tracking test criteria previously purchased or selected to improve the re-ordering procedure.
  • Automatically applying discounts and promotions into the checkout process according to customer selection.
  • Designing genetic test purchases processes to resemble traditional ecommerce shopping carts to allow process familiarity and ease of usage.
  • Making orders, submission forms, invoices, and test reports digitally available and accessible.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Part of the improved eCommerce customer experience is tracking orders in real-time.
  • Email notifications updating customers on sample status: DNA specimen retrieval, condition, specimen processed date, test result access, and other important information.
  • Incorporated barcodes with customer data onto submission forms, speeding up payment verification and kickstarting order process.
  • Create profiles for their animals with photos and associated parentage, a feature essential for breeders.
  • Can download genetic testing results from past orders

Secure Payments

Payment security is part of the overall ecommerce experience. On the backend, admins may generate daily financial reports.
  • Removing manual credit card processing and bypassing paper trails through payment gateways.
  • Integrating with Paypal.
  • Generating electronically-tracked check and money order payments.
  • Creating internal costs report with customizable charge rates.

Data Migration

  • Migration plan to take into account millions of records, including: customer account data and order history, animal information and traits, genetic sample data and genetic results information.
  • Dedicated data mapping efforts to ensure integrity of business logic behind genetic test results

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