Technology Consultants

Prior to signing onto a project, let’s establish what needs to be done and how we can help.

How it Works

Our leadership team at Mozym has a combined 25 years of experience in building, developing, and innovating on a wide range of products, applications, and tech solutions. We can connect with you for a review to discuss all aspects of your existing/new software project.

To get a full scope of your needs and requirements, our team will analyze your processes – starting from a business perspective and then extending to feature scoping, creating a development roadmap, DevOps implementation, and so much more. We can then forward our recommendations, all preceded by our in-depth study of your workflows.

Why roadmaps Matter

Having a technology roadmap in place not only helps you and your organization understand your company’s plans for technology, but it also makes sure your tech is effective, scalable, capable of avoiding redundancy, and fits your growth or business plans.


Assessment and identification of critical focus areas such as your products, support systems, and tools


Identification and definition of technology enablers in the roadmap’s focus area:

Dependencies or the prerequisites to achieve before plans to develop the product or platform are implemented

External data sources (cloud, database)

Software integrations


Roadmapping involves: 

Building technology solutions for your specific business units or processes

Identifying risks and potential snags, and planning for viable alternatives

Providing a recommendation report on the technologies and best practices for implementation

Finalizing the adoption plan with milestones and checkpoints

Business Analysis

During this phase. we work closely with company stakeholders and our own team to lay out and rank the priorities of the project. This will involve agreeing on the requirements and product features to develop. Through this process we also:

  • Analyze how the system would function & affect all company mechanisms (operations, people)
  • Narrow down the project scope
  • Choose the best fit for technology stack
  • Plan the solution architecture
  • Create an implementation roadmap
  • Document solution requirements
  • Provide a detailed cost estimation of each phase
  • Oversee and manage support 
  • Provide advice on on-going maintenance 

For Startups

Have an idea worth bringing to market? We, too, believe in the power of technology and its ability of change the world. 
  • Product Design
    • Branding
    • Product Definition
    • UX/UI
    • Feature Roadmap
  • Scope
  • Cost 
  • Maintenance