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Custom Software

Our team builds enterprise software with your business goals in mind. Whether you want to develop a straightforward mobile app or invest in a complex platform that will serve your company for years to come, Mozym can deliver it for you.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to maximize your team’s productivity, we have the experts to do the job. Scalability is our middle name, and integration is our motto. When you hire Mozym to augment your staff, our expertise becomes yours.

Cloud Migration
& Hosting

Our cloud migration and hosting experts have experience with a wide variety of project scopes and scales. We know that no two cloud migration processes are alike, and we can help you achieve your cloud goals without disrupting business flows or security. #AWS #AZURE

& Digital Strategy

Mozym can help your business drive web traffic, boost sales, and facilitate growth through SEO and digital marketing. We have the resources to identify your target audience, improve your brand’s visibility, design handsome collateral, and—most importantly—get you the return on investment.

Why Mozym?


We have a combined 18 years of experience. Whatever your project is, we’ve probably done it before.


We’re highly focused on the software products we create for you, and we don’t compromise honesty or accountability in the process.


Our globally sourced delivery model and expert management makes your project cost-effective.

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No two projects are the same. We understand that.

Our Services

We understand that healthcare professionals need to be compliant with HIPAA and other industry regulations whilst optimizing digital infrastructure and consumer-facing technology. We’re here to develop technology that secures and streamlines diagnostics, patient care, administration, and everything in between.


We know that the biotechnology industry faces unique financial, contractual, compliance, and reporting challenges. We have a track record of helping genetics companies implement software solutions, so they can keep shaping the future of the bioeconomy.


Construction professionals are great at what they do, and we know they need a straightforward way to track job site progress, schedule work, and manage clients. Our custom software solutions have helped construction businesses reduce delays, eliminate errors, smooth workflows, and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.


We have experience designing, coding, and maintaining large, interoperable software systems and management tools that adhere to strict government regulations. Mozym understands that doing business with government agencies means they trust us to cultivate strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Let’s build valuable software together.

Questions about our rates and services? Perhaps you would like to join our talented team of software engineers, designers and project managers? Reach out.