Web & Mobile Applications

We design, plan, engineer, and develop custom-built software solutions or tech tools for your business and business goals.

Leverage Cloud

Cloud enables your organizations to leverage highly-available cloud infrastructure to deliver business value without the need to consider physical infrastructure.

Data Visualization

Mozym can help unleash the power of your data and generate transformative insights. Translate large data sets and metrics into charts, graphs and other visuals to make data-driven decisions.

Mobile Responsive

As mobile and tablet devices become more prevalent amongst business users, we need to ensure that our business and enterprise applications are ready for devices across all platforms.


Access data from other systems and connect to multiple data sources seamlessly to create and optimize dashboards. Allow your team or customers to send or receive payments, access supply chain and logistics info.

Node JS
Material UI
AWS s3
Sql Server

Mobile App Development

We create native mobile applications and cross-platform applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms. Our mobile app services include tech stack consultations, application development, testing, deployments, and after-sales support.

Apple iOS
Mozym is experienced in building custom applications for Apple devices and creating user experiences to please any demographic.
Windows / Android
End-to-end development services to build custom apps for all Android devices.
Cross-Platform Development
Develop cross-platform applications that can be deployed on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


Agile / SCRUM

Collaborative approach and an Agile mindset.
Agile methodologies such as scrum make it convenient for team members to communicate and collaborate. An iterative approach for software development, offered by the Scrum framework, provides the much-needed flexibility for startups or established businesses to create a product that is meaningful for the user and serves a purpose.
– Plan two-week development sprint 
– Design and Develop
QA and Review
Customer Feedback
– Repeat

For Startups

Have an idea worth bringing to market? We, too, believe in the power of technology and its ability of change the world. 
– Product Design
  • Branding
  • Product Definition
  • UX/UI
  • Feature Roadmap
– Scope
– Cost 
– Maintenance
Yes, we are the official backers of CareTrainr, the in-home care app. Learn more at caretrainr.com.